How Selling work …..

you can sale all products in single quantity or in mass quantity….

how it works …  MASS quantity

if any one ask you for his team t-shirts or any other item in quantity, just provide concern person name, phone no.,item Name , organization and quantity to us. we will use your reference and discuss all requirement with your customer if every thing is good ,after all payment and delivery you will get 10% of total bill.

Single Quantity

Step 1. Just purchase a single piece of any product from any category and become eligible to sell all product from that category. To check and purchase  click here.

Step 2. Once you get the product ,whats app Transaction ID to us, we will verify the Transaction ID if all are OK…You are eligible to sell this category products.

Step 2. once you eligible to sell product we will whats app ,images + Item code + wholesale price related to that category on daily basis or whenever we add new ITEM in that category .

Step 3. you can forward this image in your group on whats app,facebook,Instagram etc. with your price ( wholesale price+ profit) if any body interested to purchase this item, you collect money via paytm or net banking …

Step 4. once you get the money , transfer money to below paytm no. , take screen shot and forward detail to us

details :- customer address, item code and payment screen shot.

Step 5. as soon as we get all details we will courier this directly to your customer.




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