Adding Other SBP

You can earn with us by Adding other as SBP…your What’s app no. will be your identity no.

Once you are authorized SBP with us, you can ADD other person as a SBP to KWC, new person will be your Child SBP (CSBP) and again he will add other person as SBP ,Newly one will be your Grand SBP(GSBP)…this chain will be till 5 generation ….means you will get benefits from your child, grandchild (GC), great grand child (GGSBP) and great great grand child (GGGSBP).

Benefits:–  you will get 10% each time when your CSBP sale any item ,5% each time when your GSBP sale,2.5% for Your GGSBP sale and 1.25% for your GGGSBP sale.

you will not get benefits from your GGGSBP’s Child,only your child will get 1.25% from him.

Effective :– if you add 10 SBP and your each SBP add 10 SBP and so on….so you will have 10 CSBP,100 GSBP,1000 GGSBP and 10000 GGGSBP…..  use calculator to check your income.

How to ADD:-To ADD any one as SBP , tell him about all our idea ,explain him and send whats APP no. of that person to us.we will message him through whats APP.he have to purchase any item to become our SBP.




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